Eating for 3 Episode 1: Bedrest

Words honestly can’t express the way life changed in a matter of minutes. I’ve been on bedrest at the hospital for about two weeks now, and I am being reminded how important it is to have faith and to be patient. Bearing children is one of life’s most precious gifts, however, carrying a baby and in my case carrying two babies have can be life-changing.

Being at the hospital is no vacation, and no bed rest hasn’t given me the opportunity to really rest here. I definitely haven’t been on my feet as much as I am at home, but the way doctors are in and out of my room, and the monitoring really takes a toll on me emotionally and physically. however, I do get peace of mind knowing that I am in the safest place I can be for my twin girls Summer and Autumn. The longer I stay pregnant the better chances they have at perfect health. Take a listen to my first “Eating for 3” podcast to learn how to survive on bedrest, and get information on carrying identical twins.

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