Sleeping on Your Dreams

Are you tired yet? I know that feeling lost about being stuck doing what you hate or, even doing nothing can be extremely exhausting. Do not give up and settle for feeling lost. Deep down all of us have something that we are good at. Once you give it thought and relax, you will begin to remember the things that come naturally and bring enjoyment. The key is sticking to those things because all it takes is one opprtunity, just don’t settle for what seems easy.

I can have a million things going on from my blog, podcast, twin documentary, preparing for motherhood, to just life itself, and out of nowhere I will feel like I’m not doing enough. Truth is, I’m doing way more than enough I’m just not doing things right with the state of mind I’m in. A winning state of mind requires less anxiety and more attention to what will actually push you forward.  My best suggestion would be to really tap into what makes you happy, and sometimes its something we have had a passion for a long time and perhaps its been thrown aside to focus on school, a 9 to 5, parenting, a relationship, or just life taking a toll on you.


Once you find the nitch you’ve lost and get back in your zone the key is to keep at it. There will be things that will come along and distract you, like a hell of a lot of NOs. So what, keep trying. Friends no supporting you, and that’s ok too. People trying to mimic your ideas because it looks easy and they have an audience, still keep your foot on their neck. God has a plan that is specific for all of us and you are your secret weapon. Before you know it, that one person will want to invest, that one opportunity will magically appear, and you’ll finally see things start to fall into place.

Stay focus, even after things seem sweet and finally working, a curveball is sure to come your way. you’ll get discouraged all over again and want to give up or question the path. Others will seem like they are getting further ahead, doing something that everyone else might be doing but still, stay focused. The easiest way might work but that doesn’t mean the success will last long. Working hard and not selling your soul will lead to longevity and long-term success. Trust yourself!

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