Dating an Entrepreneur

Dating an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park, however, the good will outweigh the bad if both partners are able to work together. We all want to feel needed, and being that most entrepreneurs are self-sufficient, very independent, and busy that can get in the way if you hold each other accountable and have similar interests as well as needs. Know that there will be days when it’s not about you, it’s about surviving, because the full-time entrepreneur does not have the stability of a 9 to 5 to fall back on. It is a cold world when it comes to business and people can become very cut throat when it comes to business, so that attitude might rub off on your partner if they are working for themselves, you have to understand their tough love at times, as well as their fears and insecurities. If the love is strong enough, the best part is what you can do and create together.

You have to care about what your partner does, so if its charity you have to love to give towards that cause. If they rap, you have to love hip-hop, if they make clothes you have to have a love for fashion, if they write, you better love to read, and if you don’t… then to better be good at pretending you do because you love them that much. The fact is no entrepreneur will give you their time if you have no interest in what they’re passionate about. Showing interest in what they do will give you a lot more time with them because they feed off of good energy. If you don’t feed them good vibes you’ll never see them because they’ll just be thinking… “I could be making some money right now”, or “I could be focused on how to make more money right now”.

Loving an entrepreneur does not mean every day will be filled with kisses and bouncing creative ideas off of one another. Those days are great but many days you’ll have to be their biggest cheerleader, personal assistant, and overall support system. This takes confidence because in these moments it’s all about them and not about you. Realize that these are moments not the majority of the relationship because some entrepreneurs can be too full of themselves and that’s not healthy either.

We all need a little tough love, but be prepared to talk it out if you feel like you’re getting too much tough love. Most of the time it’s not intentional. People who work for themselves endure a lot of hustle, they’ve been told no a million times, and the criticism they’ve had to receive to get to where they can survive on their own will have rubbed off on them if they’re successful. If you are used to a pity party you won’t get one with a self-made partner, they are just going to tell you what you need to know, not want to know to make you stronger.

All in all, falling in love with a creative giant is amazing. They’ll always find a way to get through the toughest of times and support you. They know that business is a give and take operation and so is a relationship so guess what, you’ll have an assistant, cheerleader, and life coach all in one. Entrepreneurs are strong and built for this type of love; knowing how to work hard for something will also show how hard they’re willing to work to keep you happily theirs.

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