There’s no reason to act like there something wrong with being a little selfish at times, in fact we all have been there, esepicially if we have overcome that gut wrenching feeling when you know you have done something that wouldn’t be done on your behalf. Anyone with a good heart has been in a position when they were too giving whether it be of love, money, time, or loyalty and most of the time individuals find the solution moving forward being “I’m about to just focus on me”.  So the goal is to be always worried about yourself.

Everyone has things that put them in a good mood, embrace that, set aside time for that, schedule that into your agenda as much as you need to in order to secure your happiness and positive spirit. The fact of the matter is that we truly cannot help anyone else until we have our own shit together. Recently I took pics that made me see myself how I feel about myself most of the time, which is black and beautiful.

Women,we have it so hard, I mean a good woman really has to take time out to make sure she is at her best. Doing this includes things such as working hard, hair maintenance, nails, hair products, skin products, make up, and so much more. Survival can be stressful which is why I can’t stress how important it is to make time for the things that bring peace of mind and joy.  Those things that some people might see as irrelevant or selfish can balance out the trials and hardships that life brings.  Unless your one of those people who never have problems…There is nothing wrong with doing whats best for you, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Women are in the business of Self Love and pampering! All of the things mentioned makes me realize how proud I am of being a good woman. I can’t stress how important it is to put God First in all things, and the rest of life’s journey will fall in place according to his will, but the gag is our faith influences his will for us.

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