Late Night Dinner at Nobodys Pizza & Famous Nobodys

My second stop was all about food and culture. I had the opportunity to visit what I call the “Nobody’s Franchise”. First I went to “Nobodys Pizza” and it was amazing. They had many classic Italian style pizzas on the menu and even some with eye catching pizza names on the menu like “The Bronx Tale”, “The Morning After Pizza”, “The Super Mario”, and “Top Model” which has one ingredient I love, Lobster… I’m definitely making trip back for the “Top Model”.

I love places with vibes like this, murals of art, hip-hop and R&B playing in the background, singing my favorite songs in between bites because I’m trying to savor the flavor and the vibe at the same damn time, talk about Perfect! I hate limits and the menu is limitless to food options. Outside of the numerous pizzas on the menu they also have pastas and full course entrees. I had the Salmon with grilled veggies and mashed potatoes! It was love, and I’m not talking typical franchise restaurant style grilled veggies, that the type of grilled veggies that actually tasted grilled with the perfect char.

Just as I thought the food was the highlight of my night I got to check out Famous Nobodys, the clothing store that was right next to Nobodys Pizza. Famous Nobodys Clothing store is the epitome of what I’d describe as an urban boutique that’s dripping culture! Much more than just hats and shirts and sweatshirts, it was most definitely a vibe. When I get back to New York I know where I’ll be eating.

Stormie B

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