“This is America”

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, had a hell of a weekend. Not only did he host “Saturday Night Live” and had some interesting skits, one which included a sarcastically funny response to all the Kanye news this past week, he also released a new video for the song “This is America”, and social media did not hold back their response or thoughts.

This video really shows his creativity, not to mention he has some really good dance moves. As if he hasn’t shown how talented he is from the soul filled vibes of his hit song “Redbone” and his impeccable producing, directing and writing skills displayed on the hit show “Atlanta” featured on FX, this video will definitely show you he’s not afraid to push the envelope. no matter how many minds will dissect this video and take from it what their mind sees, it’s clear that he is referencing the terrorism and gun violence that has taken place in America and no matter how many times you watch this video you will see a different point of view of how he sees America every time.

I took a lot from this video. Lyrically, I felt as though he was trying to talk about how men of color feel like they have to “get it” meaning money to survive by any means. There were also clear references to cops being unjust and violent. The origin of his pose and dances as the video began resembled the character in the Jim Crow Minstrel shows as well. What struck me as interestingly odd was the dancers that seemed to ignore all of the violence going on around them. They were happy and unbothered, and I honestly think that referenced how we as African Americans have become numb to all the homegrown acts of terrorism, and police brutality, and we just dance to the beat of everyday life to get through the bullshit. No matter how one takes in this video, it’s clear that Childish Gambino did not sell himself short when it came to displaying real issues and real talent all at the same time.


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