My Visit To Combs Enterprises

Picture me reminiscing on my childhood in the passenger seat during rides from UPT DC to Montgomery County with my bestfriend that just happens to my aunt, blasting iconic sounds from bad boy entertainment. I’m talking Biggie Smalls “Get money” or the sweet sounds of Faith Evans singing “One More Change”, or my favorite girl group trios like Total and SWV… even in college Danity Kane was LIFE!!!Now imagine me touring Combs Enterprises totally impromptu, just so fucking exciting! I mean I have been paying Verizon almost $200 Just to make sure I can get REVOLT for “The Breakfast Club” in the morning and “The Gate” right before bed.

I just felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be for those two hours, everything went just the way it should have, I’m almost sure God knew I was seeking inspiration and how much more inspiring does it get! I met dope people and I walked pass desks of influential people to the hip-hop culture like Nick Storm. Being from DC, I’m only used to big quiet office spaces with hideous pale white walls, angry people forced to where business attire and stuck behind cubicles. This was much different, the office experience at Combs Enterprises felt like We Work meets Hip Hop Royalty. Picture photos of your favorite artists, Platinum plaques, Ciroc everywhere, and walls next to your work area that are only that hideous pale white color so you could color it with your greatest creative ideas and the best version of a to do list that’s made just for you! It was a dream came true!

Walking out of that office breathing in pollution and damn near needing shades from all the lights, I was simply full. The craving I had for inspiration after starving myself of my creative flow was finally fulfilled!

And since you couldn’t be there with me here’s a lil playlist just for y’all.

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11/27/1957 – 6/13/2006


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