BWW Spotlight featuring Chrissy Sheffey

All About You!

Where are you from, and what about you made you want to start your business?

– I’m from Suitland, MD. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs so I knew I was destined to be my own boss but I never thought I’d start a bartending service company. While attending UMD-College Park, I worked as a server and later a bartender at a few bars in the city and fell in love with networking and crafting cocktails. I value customer service, a well-balanced cocktail and creating memories and unfortunately, the some of bars I worked at didn’t share those values. So, after being in the service industry for 5 years, it was time to start Charismatic Creations!


What’s unique about your drink mixes?
Why should people purchase?

– My cocktail mixers are unique because they are infused with locally grown fruits and herbs. No preservatives and no artificial food coloring. As a mixologist, I wanted to provide a product that can transform a simple “at-home drink” to a DIY signature cocktail and a bland smoothie into a tasteful creation.

Black Woman Entrepreneur!

What has been most gratifying about being your own boss and how do you want to influence other women?

– I’ve learned so much about myself in the last year and a half. It is truly gratifying to know that I’ve pushed past so many uncertainties and insecurities. I started a business and curated products without a blueprint, just passion, faith and an amazing circle of loved ones.

I want other women to take that step to start a business doing something they love and are passionate about. It doesn’t matter how many other people have that same business model, curating the same types of products, because you being yourself is literally the best formula for a successful business.

Your mind state should always be to sell water to a well.”

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