Stormie B has the content that will deliver nothing but the best vibes.  I have gone through a journey of ranting about all the things that mean the most to me such as food, love, entertainment, and all things in between, so here is where it all will come together to inform, and also inspire you!

When I hit my mid 20’s and it felt like a midlife crisis, you know when you feel like everything starts to crumble… I experienced things like illness, heartbreak, and parting ways from people I befriended for over a decade, and I realized it might’ve been what felt like rock-bottom but it wasn’t the end, so I created a new beginning. One thing life has taught me is to not be ashamed of what you’re passionate about. For me those things are love, food, and entertainment.

These three things fueled me into being a better woman and leader in my life daily, and by opening myself up to the possibilities of loving myself and others better, a healthier diet, and the inspiration that entertainment has to offer, I started to see life differently which was the game changer. Loving myself helped me to find love for everyone else, changing my diet changed my health as well as my life, and entertainment such as music, fashion, and culture has given me the inspiration to face life head on. I’m excited to have people see my vision and be a part of this journey with me.


Stormie B.




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